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FlatsHunters.com is a hunting blog and powered by a writing staff whose viewpoints are as unique as their experiences.

If you would like write for us, guest post or get a sponsored post on our website, or just have a news tip please Send us an email or contact me via contact page.



To ensure we get quality content we will require you to follow these guidelines

  • The article must be at least 1000 words with well structured, h1, h2 tag, and bullet point whenever possible.
  • The image must be copyright free and HD.​
  • The article you sent must be well written and relevant
  • ​The article must be original and will be checked for scrapping and plagiarism
  • ​Any opinion article must be honest and not promotional in nature
  • Once an article is approved, We will publish within 72 hours
  • Though we rarely alter articles sent, please note that we have the right to approve and reject all content sent and also publish it with changes or without

Benefits of writing for us

  • To get links back to your website or blog
  • ​To develop a strong article portfolio
  • ​To increase traffic to your site
  • ​Build a reputation in the hunting industry

Here are a few topics that we write about:

  • Deer Hunting
  • Duck Hunting
  • Bird Hunting
  • Bow Hunting
  • Turkey Hunting
  • Rabbit Hunting
  • Hawk Hunting
  • Bear Hunting
  • Raccoon Hunting
  • Squirrels Hunting
  • Hog Hunting
  • Recipes (Deer, Duck, Bird)

​We categorize our articles into the following categories

How to articles

These are articles that show readers how to perform different hunting tasks. These articles offer step-by-step instructions on how to complete hunting tasks. When writing these kinds of articles use examples and photos where possible.

Ex: How To Hunt Black Bear Without Bait

Simple Question articles

These articles are to help new hunters improves their skills or solve common hunting problems. This is an article where you will be sharing your expertise on specific hunting topics. This involves writing about your experiences and how you solve common hunting related problems.

Ex: What Time of Day Do Hawks Hunt?

List based articles

As the name suggests list based articles are articles that contain numbered or bulleted lists. These articles are a reference guide to help new hunters improve their skills. Also, you can write about common mistakes that new or even experienced hunters make.


For more details contact us at anhphund1@gmail.com


Phu Nguyen