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For those sportsmen, who think that good outfitted hunting & fishing trips, are difficult to find, Flats Hunters, is here to ensure you will find what you need for hunting and fishing trips in your area. Do not waste your time and money researching potential outdoor destinations, dtart your search by clicking on the State, Country, or Province that you wish to hunt to see a listing of available outfitters in that area.

Flatshunters.com is continously looking for hunting destinations – big and small game hunting outfitters and fishing guides in all different hunting and fishing locations.

You will find that flatshunters.com hunting outfitter directory & fishing guide directory features the TOP 10 exclusive hunting outfitters in any category. Each categoty linsting contains guide reviews, contact forms so that you can gather all that important information directly from the outfitter, a link to the outfitters website, and outfitter hunt pictures. Also, you will find the experience of people who have already be there, on the destination you want to visit.

Another plus we offer is to search by: state, country, hunts AND hunting service. You may search by 1 or all of these topics to find available Guides or Outfitters.

We guarantee a wonderful experience and the fact you will find just what you are looking for, wihtout living you home. We bring hunting worldwide information to your fingertips. Search Our database of hundreds of Mule Deer, Whitetail, Elk, Moose, Caribou, Pronghorn Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lion, Mountain Goat, and other Hunting Guides and Outfitters.

Read or add reviews of your own! Submit Outfitters and Guides for FREE! If you book a trip, or have ever booked a trip, with some of the listed hunting outfitters or fishing guides please send us feedback good or bad, let us know what your experiences were like with that particular hunting outfitter.

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